Combi Ovens are a great choice for cooking

Some counter top steamers have no boiler. Instead, you can pour water directly into a reservoir located in the bottom part of the machine rotaryana. It has an integrated heating element. A connection steamer is one that has an internal water line from the source water of the building. While this steamer may need more upkeep and be harder to clean, its capacity is much higher.

Use only filtered, scale-inhibited water to help reduce cleaning up and extra maintenance. Water from the tap will likely affect your food’s taste.

Combi Ovens

Commercial combi ovens can use either convection (heat from the air) or steam to quickly and efficiently heat food. The combi oven is more expensive but it can replace many restaurant appliances such as fryers, convection and warming ovens.

Combination ovens will help you maximize space at your restaurant by substituting other cooking appliances.

How much can a combo oven support?

There are a range of steamers available, from one compartment to four. One-compartment models are capable of producing up to 200 dinners per hour. The most common use of combi ovens is in large-volume situations because it can produce food fast, and offers multiple cooking options.

Maintaining your Steamer at its Peak Performance

Use filtered, scale-inhibiting water. A scale inhibitor removes mineral deposits from the tap water. As minerals collect in the Steamer, they can affect performance and cause it to need constant cleaning. Many steamer types have an alert light, which will indicate that there is a need to clean the mineral buildup. Water that has not been filtered can have a negative impact on the taste and texture of steamed meals.

It is advisable to heat the steamer up before using it. Steamers usually take 5-10 minutes to warm up. If you want the food to taste best, it should be salted after steaming. If you want to achieve the best result when using frozen vegetables, make sure that they are separated. Also use a pan with perforations.

Because steamers consume less energy than most commercial kitchen equipment, over time you’ll save a great deal of money.

You can see that a combination commercial oven is a great investment when you look at the cooking speed and quality.

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